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Goutam Das
United States

Structured SolidWorks Training
This training program is a big deal. I think you have to pay $10,000+ to get what Asif is offering in his training program. Compared to the price, this course content is way overdeliverd. Learn, practice, get certified. Crazy hot structured training program. Asif’s teaching style is clear and always on point in each lecture without spending too much time. Lectures are short like around 5 to 6 min. Easy to remember.

Surajit Chakraborty
South Korea

Very Advance Program
I like everything so far in this program. A very advanced learning roadmap. You will know exactly where you are heading and where you are at in this learning journey. Asif does not leave a single option in SolidWorks. He explains every detail in SolidWorks. The best part is if you ask any questions, in most cases, I have seen him replying quickly.

Jakia Reshma

Better than my college SolidWorks course
100 times better than my college SolidWorks course. I joined this program 4 weeks back and was surprised by the content available in this program. Each lecture is very easy to follow. I also noticed they update and add new content in this training material frequently

Ivan Ahmed

Excellent Course
Just finished around 60% of this entire SolidWorks training program. Here is my observation. If you follow this training, you are just not going to learn SolidWorks, you will be a professional SolidWorks user. Asif is a very experienced design engineer and leaves a lot of real-world design scenario tips and tricks which is a big deal. I like how he split all basic vs advanced topics into different courses.

Abdoulie Jallow

An Amazing Experience
First of all, it's a great honor to be part of this special course. I learned a lot, really. I'm an ICT specialist founder of EduKid-Gambia Foundation where we teach kids coding and Robotics and now would like to introduce the kids in 3d, although we don’t have the best technology in The Gambia but I can use this knowledge to teach kids at EduKid. I enjoy this course and it’s helping me to strengthen my Revit skills too. I would like to thank the creators of this amazing course and would recommend this course to anyone wanting to get in to 3D modeling. Its an amazing experience

Derek Takeno
United States

Great Courses that Help In Real World Applications
I am a high school student who used an MCAD skill course to learn how to use Inventor to help me design better on Inventor for FRC. Previously, I had tried to learn as I went, which left some gaps in my learning. The courses nicely expanded on my knowledge and helped fill the gaps, while also allowing me to review the basics.

Surojit Biswas

Explained in a simple manner
Explained in a simple manner and all details are taken care of. Each and every icon on the Tool Bar is explained. Every topic is explained from the beginning. No previous knowledge of solid modeling is required. This technical knowledge is also useful for another solid modeling tool. The educator has series of lectures starting from basics to sheet metal drawing. He is not an amateur but an experienced educator. Also, the course is offered at a minimal price. Highly recommended for those who are new to solid modeling or wish to brush their skills.

United States

This course was perfect for what I…
This course was perfect for what I needed. The lessons were direct and to the point, but very thorough. In only a week I went from someone who had never touched to being extremely competent with my models and design. I will definitely be taking further courses.

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Step by Step Guide - Become A Certified SolidWorks User 

Step by Step Guide - Become An Expert SolidWorks User 

15+ Full-Length Courses in a sequence to master in SolidWorks 

8 Certificate preparation Courses (CSWA,CSWP, CSWAP,CSWE) 

8 Full Length Certification Mock Exam (CSWA,CSWP, CSWAP,CSWE) 

700+ HD Video Lectures 

87+ Hours of video content 

Practice projects and assignments Beginner

Beginner & Advanced project-based courses

Real-world project-based courses

Lifetime access to all current Courses

Lifetime Access to all future courses

Lifetime updates to all courses

Lifetime access to the private community

45-Day cancellation guarantee

Access to "Lifetime Member" badge

Total Value: $32,440

5 SolidWorks Essential Courses

SolidWorks - Essential Training

SolidWorks - Advanced Sketch

SolidWorks - Advanced Part

SolidWorks - Advanced Assembly

SolidWorks - Advanced Drawing

Value: $4,520   (Included)

4 Industry Specific Courses

SolidWorks - Surface

SolidWorks - SheetMetal

SolidWorks - Weldment

SolidWorks - Pipe & Tube routing

Value: $3,520  (Included)

2 Project (Conceptual) based Courses

SolidWorks - Beginner practice projects

SolidWorks - Advanced practice projects

Value: $1,390   (Included)

2 Essential Certification Courses

SolidWorks - CSWA Preparation 

SolidWorks - CSWP Preparation

Prepare for SolidWorks exam with confidence and pass on your first attempt

Value: $1,760   (Included)

2 Essential Certification Mock Exam

SolidWorks - CSWA Mock Exam 

SolidWorks - CSWP Mock Exam

These mock exams will help you to understand real exam question format.

Value: $980   (Included)

4 Real World Project Based Courses

Design Organic Product

Design Sheetmetal Product

Design Weldment Product

Design Machine Product

Value: $2,200   (Included)

6 Advanced Certification Courses

SolidWorks - CSWAP-DT Preparation

SolidWorks - CSWAP-SM Preparation

SolidWorks - CSWAP-WD Preparation

SolidWorks - CSWAP-SU Preparation

SolidWorks - CSWAP-MM Preparation

SolidWorks - CSWE Preparation

Value: $3,130   (Included)

6 Advanced Certification Mock Exam

SolidWorks - CSWAP-DT Mock Exam

SolidWorks - CSWAP-SM Mock Exam

SolidWorks - CSWAP-WD Mock Exam

SolidWorks - CSWAP-SU Mock Exam

SolidWorks - CSWAP-MM Mock Exam

SolidWorks - CSWE Mock Exam

Value: $3,740   (Included)

Access to Private Community

Direct access to instructor.

Communicate with other students.

Get answers within 24 hrs.

Share wins, projects etc.

Get motivations

Value: $2,200   (Included)

Access to all new courses and
existing course updates

Access new courses instantly

Access existing courses updates

Access to new exercises, assignments, projects etc.

Value: $1,800   (Included)

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